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CARBON STEELS: Shape=sheet
ItemIdGradeWidthLength(s)ThicknessOther Details
SH10369610gahot rolled
SH104896, 120, 14410gahot rolled
SH106096, 120, 14410gahot rolled
SH1072120, 14410gahot rolled
SH109624010gahot rolled
SH11369611gahot rolled
SH114896, 120, 14411gahot rolled
SH116096, 120, 14411gahot rolled
SH117296, 120, 14411gahot rolled
SH12369612gahot rolled
SH124896, 120, 14412gahot rolled
SH126096, 120, 14412gahot rolled
SH1272120, 14412gahot rolled
SH14369614gahot rolled
SH144896, 120, 14414gahot rolled
SH146096, 120, 14414gahot rolled
SH1472120, 14414gahot rolled
SH16369616gahot rolled
SH164896, 120, 14416gahot rolled
SH166096, 120, 14416gahot rolled
SH1672120, 14416gahot rolled
SHCR10astm a1008-003696, 12010ga (.134)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR10astm a1008-004896, 120, 14410ga (.134)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR11astm a1008-003696, 12011ga (.119)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR11astm a1008-004896, 120, 14411ga (.119)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR12astm a1008-003696, 12012ga (.104)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR12astm a1008-004896, 120, 14412ga (.104)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR12astm a1008-006012012ga (.104)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR13astm a1008-003696, 12013ga (.089)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR13astm a1008-004896, 120, 14413ga (.089)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR14astm a1008-003696, 12014ga (.074)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR14astm a1008-004896, 120, 14414ga (.074)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR16astm a1008-003696, 12016ga (.059)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR16astm a1008-004896, 120, 14416ga (.059)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR18astm a1008-003696, 12018ga (.048)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR18astm a1008-004896, 120, 14418ga (.048)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR19astm a1008-003696, 12019ga (.041)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR19astm a1008-004896, 120, 14419ga (.041)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR20astm a1008-003696, 12020ga (.036)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR20astm a1008-004896, 120, 14420ga (.036)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR20astm a1008-006096, 12020ga (.036)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR22astm a1008-003696, 12022ga (.030)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR22astm a1008-004896, 120, 14422ga (.030)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR24astm a1008-003696, 12024ga (.024)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR24astm a1008-004896, 120, 14424ga (.024)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR26astm a1008-003696, 12026ga (.018)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHCR26astm a1008-004896, 120, 14426ga (.018)cold rolled, oiled, matte
SHGA10369610ga (.138)galvanized
SHGA104896, 12010ga (.138)galvanized
SHGA106012010ga (.138)galvanized
SHGA11369611ga (.123)galvanized
SHGA114896, 12011ga (.123)galvanized
SHGA116012011ga (.123)galvanized
SHGA12369612ga (.108)galvanized
SHGA124896, 12012ga (.108)galvanized
SHGA126012012ga (.108)galvanized
SHGA14369614ga (.078)galvanized
SHGA144896, 12014ga (.078)galvanized
SHGA146012014ga (.078)galvanized
SHGA16369616ga (.063)galvanized
SHGA164896, 12016ga (.063)galvanized
SHGA166012016ga (.063)galvanized
SHGA18369618ga (.045)galvanized
SHGA184896, 12018ga (.045)galvanized
SHGA186012018ga (.045)galvanized
SHGA20369620ga (.039)galvanized
SHGA204896, 12020ga (.039)galvanized
SHGA206012020ga (.039)galvanized
SHGA22369622ga (.033)galvanized
SHGA224896, 12022ga (.033)galvanized
SHGA226012022ga (.033)galvanized
SHGA24369624ga (.027)galvanized
SHGA244896, 12024ga (.027)galvanized
SHGA246012024ga (.027)galvanized
SHGA263696, 12026ga (.021)galvanized
SHGA264896, 12026ga (.021)galvanized
SHGA266012026ga (.021)galvanized
SHGA28369628ga (.018)galvanized
SHGA284896, 12028ga (.018)galvanized
SHGA286012028ga (.018)galvanized
SHGA30369630ga (.015)galvanized
SHGA304896, 12030ga (.015)galvanized
SHGA306012030ga (.015)galvanized
SHPE113812369611gaperforated 3/8 holes 1/2 stagg
SHPE1138124896, 12011gaperforated 3/8 holes 1/2 stagg
SHPE161438369616gaperforated 1/4 holes 3/8 stagg
SHPE1614384896, 12016gaperforated 1/4 holes 3/8 stagg
SHPE1618316369616gaperforated 1/8 holes 3/16 stag
SHPE16183164896, 12016gaperforated 1/8 holes 3/16 stag
SHPE1631614369616gaperforated 3/16 holes 1/4 stag
SHPE16316144896, 12016gaperforated 3/16 holes 1/4 stag
SHPE16316516369616gaperforated 3/16 holes 5/16 sta
SHPE163165164896, 12016gaperforated 3/16 holes 5/16 sta
SHPE163169324896, 12016gaperforated 3/16 holes 9/32 sta
SHPE185812369618gaperforated 5/8 holes 1/2 stagg
SHPE1858124896, 12018gaperforated 5/8 holes 1/2 stagg
SHPE2011618369620gaperforated 1/16 holes 1/8 stag
SHPE20116184896, 12020gaperforated 1/16 holes 1/8 stag
SHPEGA183812369618gagalvanized, perforated 3/8 holes 1/2 stagg
SHPEGA1838124896, 12018gagalvanized, perforated 3/8 holes 1/2 stagg
SHPO104896, 120, 14410gapickled and oiled
SHPO106096, 120, 14410gapickled and oiled
SHPO114896, 120, 14411gapickled and oiled
SHPO116096, 120, 14411gapickled and oiled
SHPO124896, 120, 14412gapickled and oiled
SHPO126096, 120, 14412gapickled and oiled
SHPO134896, 120, 14413gapickled and oiled
SHPO136096, 120, 14413gapickled and oiled
SHPO144896, 120, 14414ga (.074)pickled and oiled
SHPO146096, 120, 14414ga (.074)pickled and oiled
SHPO164896, 120, 14416gapickled and oiled
SHPO166096, 120, 14416gapickled and oiled
SHPO74896, 120, 1447gapickled and oiled
SHPO76096, 120, 1447gapickled and oiled
SHPO808gapickled and oiled
SHPO84896, 120, 1448gapickled and oiled
SHPO86096, 120, 1448gapickled and oiled
SHPO94896, 120, 1449gapickled and oiled
SHPO96096, 120, 1449gapickled and oiled
SHSA104896, 120, 14410ga (.138)satin coat
SHSA106096, 120, 14410ga (.138)satin coat
SHSA107212010ga (.138)satin coat
SHSA114896, 120, 14411ga (.123)satin coat
SHSA116096, 120, 14411ga (.123)satin coat
SHSA117212011ga (.123)satin coat
SHSA124896, 120, 14412ga (.108)satin coat
SHSA126096, 120, 14412ga (.108)satin coat
SHSA127212012ga (.108)satin coat
SHSA144896, 120, 14414ga (.078)satin coat
SHSA146096, 120, 14414ga (.078)satin coat
SHSA147212014ga (.078)satin coat
SHSA164896, 120, 14416ga (.063)satin coat
SHSA166096, 120, 14416ga (.063)satin coat
SHSA167212016ga (.063)satin coat
SHSA184896, 120, 14418ga (.051)satin coat
SHSA186096, 120, 14418ga (.051)satin coat
SHSA187212018ga (.051)satin coat
SHSA204896, 120, 14420ga (.039)satin coat
SHSA206096, 120, 14420ga (.039)satin coat
SHSA207212020ga (.039)satin coat
SHSA224896, 120, 14422ga (.033)satin coat
SHSA226096, 120, 14422ga (.033)satin coat
SHSA227212022ga (.033)satin coat
SHSA244896, 120, 14424ga (.027)satin coat
SHSA246096, 120, 14424ga (.027)satin coat
SHSA247212024ga (.027)satin coat

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