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Aluminum: Grade = 6061 t6

ItemId Shape Width Length(S) Thickness OTHER DETAILS Select
shal11sheet36120,96.090 (11ga)sheet alum (.090) 6061t6 (11 ga)
shal11sheet48120,144,192,96.090 (11ga)sheet alum (.090) 6061t6 (11 ga)
shal11sheet60120,144,192,96.090 (11ga)sheet alum (.090) 6061t6 (11 ga)
shal13sheet36120,96.071sheet alum (.071) 6061t6
shal13sheet48120,144,192,96.071sheet alum (.071) 6061t6
shal13sheet60120,144,192,96.071sheet alum (.071) 6061t6
shal14sheet36120,96.063sheet alum (.063) 6061t6
shal14sheet48120,144,192,96.063sheet alum (.063) 6061t6
shal14sheet60120,144,192,96.063sheet alum (.063) 6061t6
shal15sheet36120,96.056sheet alum (.056) 6061t6
shal15sheet48120,144,192,96.056sheet alum (.056) 6061t6
shal15sheet60120,144,192,96.056sheet alum (.056) 6061t6
shal16sheet36120,96.050sheet alum (.050) 6061t6
shal16sheet48120,144,192,96.050sheet alum (.050) 6061t6
shal16sheet60120,144,192,96.050sheet alum (.050) 6061t6
shal17sheet36120,96.045sheet alum (.045) 6061t6
shal17sheet48120,144,192,96.045sheet alum (.045) 6061t6
shal17sheet60120,144,192,96.045sheet alum (.045) 6061t6
shal18sheet36120,96.040sheet alum (.040) 6061t6
shal18sheet48120,144,192,96.040sheet alum (.040) 6061t6
shal18sheet60120,144,192,96.040sheet alum (.040) 6061t6
shal19sheet36120,96.036sheet alum (.036) 6061t6
shal19sheet48120,144,192,96.036sheet alum (.036) 6061t6
shal19sheet60120,144,192,96.036sheet alum (.036) 6061t6
shal21sheet36120,96.028sheet alum (.028) 6061t6
shal21sheet48120,144,192,96.028sheet alum (.028) 6061t6
shal21sheet60120,144,192,96.028sheet alum (.028) 6061t6
shal22sheet36120,96.025sheet alum (.025) 6061t6
shal22sheet48120,144,192,96.025sheet alum (.025) 6061t6
shal22sheet60120,144,192,96.025sheet alum (.025) 6061t6
shal23sheet36120,96.022sheet alum (.022) 6061t6
shal23sheet48120,144,192,96.022sheet alum (.022) 6061t6
shal23sheet60120,144,192,96.022sheet alum (.022) 6061t6
shal24sheet36120,96.020sheet alum (.020) 6061t6
shal24sheet48120,144,192,96.020sheet alum (.020) 6061t6
shal24sheet60120,144,192,96.020sheet alum (.020) 6061t6

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