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Metal cut to size for just in time orders. We specialize in custom metal orders and hard to find metal products.

Carbon Steels: Shape = plate

ItemId Grade Width Length(S) Thickness OTHER DETAILS Select
pl112mild steel48120,144,961 1/21 1/2 plate
pl112mild steel60120,144,961 1/21 1/2 plate
pl112mild steel72120,1441 1/21 1/2 plate
pl112mild steel96240,2881 1/21 1/2 plate
pl114mild steel48120,144,961 1/41 1/4 plate
pl114mild steel60120,144,961 1/41 1/4 plate
pl114mild steel72120,1441 1/41 1/4 plate
pl114mild steel96240,2881 1/41 1/4 plate
pl1mild steel48120,144,9611 plate
pl1mild steel60120,144,9611 plate
pl1mild steel72120,14411 plate
pl1mild steel96240,28811 plate
pl12mild steel48120,144,961/21/2 plate
pl12mild steel60120,144,961/21/2 plate
pl12mild steel72120,1441/21/2 plate
pl12mild steel96240,2881/21/2 plate
pl134mild steel48120,144,961 3/41 3/4 plate
pl134mild steel60120,144,961 3/41 3/4 plate
pl134mild steel72120,1441 3/41 3/4 plate
pl134mild steel96240,2881 3/41 3/4 plate
pl14mild steel48120,144,961/41/4 plate
pl14mild steel60120,144,961/41/4 plate
pl14mild steel72120,1441/41/4 plate
pl14mild steel96240,2881/41/4 plate
pl158mild steel48120,144,961 5/81 5/8 plate
pl158mild steel60120,144,961 5/81 5/8 plate
pl158mild steel72120,1441 5/81 5/8 plate
pl158mild steel96240,2881 5/81 5/8 plate
pl178mild steel48120,144,961 7/81 7/8 plate
pl178mild steel60120,144,961 7/81 7/8 plate
pl178mild steel72120,1441 7/81 7/8 plate
pl178mild steel96240,2881 7/81 7/8 plate
pl18mild steel48120,144,96.125plate .125
pl18mild steel60120,144,96.125plate .125
pl18mild steel72120,144.125plate .125
pl18mild steel96240,288.125plate .125
pl212mild steel48120,144,962 1/22 1/2 plate
pl212mild steel60120,144,962 1/22 1/2 plate
pl212mild steel72120,1442 1/22 1/2 plate
pl212mild steel96240,2882 1/22 1/2 plate
pl2mild steel48120,144,9622 plate
pl2mild steel60120,144,9622 plate
pl2mild steel72120,14422 plate
pl2mild steel96240,28822 plate
pl234mild steel48120,144,962 3/42 3/4 plate
pl234mild steel60120,144,962 3/42 3/4 plate
pl234mild steel72120,1442 3/42 3/4 plate
pl234mild steel96240,2882 3/42 3/4 plate
pl312mild steel48120,144,963 1/23 1/2 plate
pl312mild steel60120,144,963 1/23 1/2 plate
pl312mild steel72120,1443 1/23 1/2 plate
pl312mild steel96240,2883 1/23 1/2 plate
pl316mild steel48120,144,963/163/16 plate
pl316mild steel60120,144,963/163/16 plate
pl316mild steel72120,1443/163/16 plate
pl316mild steel96240,2883/163/16 plate
pl3mild steel48120,144,9633 plate
pl3mild steel60120,144,9633 plate
pl3mild steel72120,14433 plate
pl3mild steel96240,28833 plate
pl34mild steel48120,144,963/43/4 plate
pl34mild steel60120,144,963/43/4 plate
pl34mild steel72120,1443/43/4 plate
pl34mild steel96240,2883/43/4 plate
pl38mild steel48120,144,963/83/8 plate
pl38mild steel60120,144,963/83/8 plate
pl38mild steel72120,1443/83/8 plate
pl38mild steel96240,2883/83/8 plate
pl412mild steel48120,144,964 1/24 1/2 plate
pl412mild steel60120,144,964 1/24 1/2 plate
pl412mild steel72120,1444 1/24 1/2 plate
pl412mild steel96240,2884 1/24 1/2 plate
pl4mild steel48120,144,9644 plate
pl4mild steel60120,144,9644 plate
pl4mild steel72120,14444 plate
pl4mild steel96240,28844 plate
pl44w1444w48120,144,961/4plate 44w 1/4
pl44w1444w60120,1441/4plate 44w 1/4
pl44w1444w96240,2881/4plate 44w 1/4
pl44w31644w48120,144,963/16plate 44w 3/16
pl44w31644w60120,1443/16plate 44w 3/16
pl44w31644w96240,2883/16plate 44w 3/16
pl512mild steel48120,144,965 1/25 1/2 plate
pl512mild steel60120,144,965 1/25 1/2 plate
pl512mild steel72120,1445 1/25 1/2 plate
pl512mild steel96240,2885 1/25 1/2 plate
pl516mild steel48120,144,965/165/16 plate
pl516mild steel60120,144,965/165/16 plate
pl516mild steel72120,1445/165/16 plate
pl516mild steel96240,2885/165/16 plate
pl5mild steel48120,144,9655 plate
pl5mild steel60120,144,9655 plate
pl5mild steel72120,14455 plate
pl5mild steel96240,28855 plate
pl58mild steel48120,144,965/85/8 plate
pl58mild steel60120,144,965/85/8 plate
pl58mild steel72120,1445/85/8 plate
pl58mild steel96240,2885/85/8 plate
pl6mild steel48120,144,9666 plate
pl6mild steel60120,144,9666 plate
pl6mild steel72120,14466 plate
pl6mild steel96240,28866 plate
pl8mild steel48120,144,9688 plate
pl8mild steel60120,144,9688 plate
pl8mild steel72120,14488 plate
pl8mild steel96240,28888 plate
plch1048120,144,9610gaplate checker 10ga
plch1060120,14410gaplate checker 10ga
plch11g48120,144,9611gaplate checker 11ga
plch11g6012011gaplate checker 11ga
plch12g48120,144,9612gaplate checker 12ga
plch12g60120,14412gaplate checker 12ga
plch1248120,144,961/2plate checker 1/2
plch1260120,1441/2plate checker 1/2
plch14g48120,144,9614gaplate checker 14ga
plch14g60120,14414gaplate checker 14ga
plch1448120,144,961/4plate checker 1/4
plch1460120,1441/4plate checker 1/4
plch1848120,144,961/8plate checker 1/8
plch1860120,1441/8plate checker 1/8
plch31648120,144,963/16plate checker 3/16
plch31660120,1443/16plate checker 3/16
plch3848120,144,963/8plate checker 3/8
plch3860120,1443/8plate checker 3/8
plch51648120,144,965/16plate checker 5/16
plch51660120,1445/16plate checker 5/16

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