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Metal cut to size for just in time orders. We specialize in custom metal orders and hard to find metal products.

Tool Steels: Grade = o1

ItemId Shape Width Length(S) OTHER DETAILS Select
dro110mdrill rod10mm144,36,72drill rod 01 10mm
dro11-116drill rod1 1/16144,36,72drill rod o1 1 1/16
dro11116drill rod11/16144,36,72drill rod o1 11/16
dro1112drill rod1 1/2144,36,72drill rod 01 1 1/2
dro11132drill rod11/32144,36,72drill rod 01 11/32
dro1114drill rod1 1/4144,36,72drill rod 01 1 1/4
dro1116drill rod1/16144,36,72drill rod 01 1/16
dro1118drill rod1 1/8144,36,72drill rod 01 1 1/8
dro111mdrill rod11mm144,36,72drill rod 01 11mm
dro112drill rod1/2144,36,72drill rod o1 1/2
dro112mdrill rod12mm144,36,72drill rod o1 12mm
dro11-316drill rod1 3/16144,36,72drill rod 01 1 3/16
dro11316drill rod13/16144,36,72drill rod o1 13/16
dro1134drill rod1 3/4144,36,72drill rod o1 1 3/4
dro1138drill rod1 3/8144,36,72drill rod o1 1 3/8
dro113mdrill rod13mm144,36,72drill rod o1 13mm
dro114drill rod1/4144,36,72drill rod o1 1/4
dro114mdrill rod14mm144,36,72drill rod o1 14mm
dro11-516drill rod1 5/16144,36,72drill rod 01 1 5/16
dro11516drill rod15/16144,36,72drill rod o1 15/16
dro11564drill rod15/64144,36,72drill rod o1 15/64
dro1158drill rod1 5/8144,36,72drill rod o1 1 5/8
dro115mdrill rod15mm144,36,72drill rod o1 15mm
dro116mdrill rod16mm144,36,72drill rod o1 16mm
dro117mdrill rod17mm144,36,72drill rod 01 17mm
dro118drill rod1/8144,36,72drill rod o1 1/8
dro118mdrill rod18mm144,36,72drill rod o1 18mm
dro119mdrill rod19mm144,36,72drill rod o1 19mm
dro11drill rod1144,36,72drill rod 01 1
dro120mdrill rod20mm144,36,72drill rod o1 20mm
dro121mdrill rod21mm144,36,72drill rod o1 21mm
dro122mdrill rod22mm144,36,72drill rod o1 22mm
dro123mdrill rod23mm144,36,72drill rod o1 23mm
dro124mdrill rod24mm144,36,72drill rod o1 24mm
dro125mdrill rod25mm144,36,72drill rod o1 25mm
dro12964drill rod29/64144,36,72drill rod o1 29/64
dro12drill rod2144,36,72drill rod o1 2
dro12mdrill rod2mm144,36,72drill rod o1 2mm
dro1316drill rod3/16144,36,72drill rod o1 3/16
dro1332drill rod3/32144,36,72drill rod o1 3/32
dro134drill rod3/4144,36,72drill rod 3/4
dro138drill rod3/8144,36,72drill rod o1 3/8
dro13mdrill rod3mm144,36,72drill rod o1 3mm
dro1#40drill rod40mm144,36,72drill rod 01 40mm
dro14mdrill rod4mm144,36,72drill rod o1 4mm
dro1516drill rod5/16144,36,72drill rod 01 5/16
dro158drill rod5/8144,36,72drill rod 01 5/8
dro15mdrill rod5mm144,36,72drill rod 01 5mm
dro16mdrill rod6mm144,36,72drill rod 6mm
dro1716drill rod7/16144,36,72drill rod 01 7/16
dro1732drill rod7/32144,36,72drill rod 01 7/32
dro178drill rod7/8144,36,72drill rod 01 7/8
dro17mdrill rod7mm144,36,72drill rod 01 7mm
dro18mdrill rod8mm144,36,72drill rod 01 8mm
dro1916drill rod9/16144,36,72drill rod 01 9/16
dro1932drill rod9/32144,36,72drill rod 01 9/32
dro19mdrill rod9mm144,36,72drill rod 01 9mm

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